Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diffusing Anger

Yesterday I experienced one of the very few times that I nearly lost my temper. The only other time I can think of was nearly three years ago. The details of the reason is not too important, other than I was at work and my tolerance level for a particular coworker not "pulling his weight" is nearly at its max.

But, I knew that I could not lose my temper at work and in front of other coworkers, so I walked away and started thinking of something that I could focus my attention on - otherwise I would have continued to "brew" over the situation, and that, my friends, is never good. The slightest mishap or annoyance could lead to an eruption of pent up anger.

I originally wanted to go over to the art museum that is across the street from the building I work in, but construction has closed down the main entrance, and I needed something to diffuse my anger FAST.

The next best thing that can focus my attention more than anything is... (drumroll, please) model horses! I grabbed a chai tea latte (my favorite indulgence) and my laptop and headed to a secluded place where I could peruse the pages of MH$P and model horse blab, mindlessly. A few minutes later, and I was back to normal.

It was amazing how model horses can really take my mind off stressful and even angering situations. I think that's why I love spending my evenings, after working in lab all day, involving myself in model horses in some way or another. Whether it be actually making tack (I have had no energy for such tedious and focused tasks until very recently), fixing and looking at photos of my collection, or browsing the web, I can just relax and unwind from the day.

I'm grateful to have this outlet in my life, right now. I haven't really been taking custom orders after the NAN and Breyer WEG project deadlines, so it is not nearly as stressful as it was. This is my hobby, so it shouldn't be stressful! Yet sometimes I find myself stressing about orders not being finished in time or looking the way they should, or even not being able to get that unannounced special run from Breyer. But I just need to treat it as my happy outlet, not something to get all worked up about!

On another note, I hope to have some actual photos of work put up soon! I've gotten back to the work table the last few nights and some interesting things have arisen, so stay tuned!

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