Saturday, February 19, 2011

Success at Last!

...and not the model horse tack kind... unfortunately. I finally finished my total synthesis of a natural product at school (it has been a rough last few weeks!). I have been on this project since I started grad school and it looked like I was going to be finished LAST year at this time. But alas, research does not always go as planned. I will be going into hiding again the next week or two while we write up a publication and I finish all the last experimental stuff. Then I hope to finally have a life back and not be rushing to get things done all the time. I plan on working somewhat more normal hours once we get this paper out the door, which means I will hopefully get more tack done, more gym time in (we'll see about that one...) and things like that.

I'll leave you with some photos from WEG. Can you guess what obstacle these riders all have a different style of approaching?

Rodriguez Pessoa always has the softest and nicest equation...

Here is the giveaway:

I have to pull my mom's photos out to get the shot of the actual obstacle being "tackled".